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Cider Celebration Christmas Show 2017 no show datesCider Celebration Christmas Show 2017 no show dates


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]]> (Pridmoria) celebration christmas cider plnu show Mon, 27 Nov 2017 04:07:03 GMT It's Cool in the Furnace ~ July 28, 2017 {Video}  

It's Cool in the Furnace header 2017It's Cool in the Furnace header 2017


It's Cool in the Furnace IMAGE 2017It's Cool in the Furnace IMAGE 2017



If you would like to pick up your DVD at the church, please submit an order using the paper form that is handed out with your child.

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]]> (Pridmoria) choristers church clairemont concert diego guild in lutheran of pridmoria san the Tue, 06 Jun 2017 04:36:51 GMT Natalie: college senior Sometimes, we get a gorgeous, sun drenched afternoon after weeks and weeks of rain, beautiful blooms thanks to said rain, and a beautiful girl with serious makeup game.  

And sometimes that girl happens to be my awesome sister in law.  ;)

This is Natalie.  Natalie is one of my favorites- smart, beautiful, and on the cusp of seriously rocking the world, college degree in hand.


Natalie2017SrPics-3Natalie2017SrPics-3 Natalie2017SrPics-5Natalie2017SrPics-5 Natalie2017SrPics-9Natalie2017SrPics-9 Natalie2017SrPics-27Natalie2017SrPics-27 Natalie2017SrPics-29Natalie2017SrPics-29 Natalie2017SrPics-12Natalie2017SrPics-12 Natalie2017SrPics-42Natalie2017SrPics-42 Natalie2017SrPics-45Natalie2017SrPics-45 Natalie2017SrPics-51Natalie2017SrPics-51 Natalie2017SrPics-56Natalie2017SrPics-56 Natalie2017SrPics-65Natalie2017SrPics-65 Natalie2017SrPics-72Natalie2017SrPics-72 Natalie2017SrPics-82Natalie2017SrPics-82 Natalie2017SrPics-90Natalie2017SrPics-90 Natalie2017SrPics-98Natalie2017SrPics-98 Natalie2017SrPics-117Natalie2017SrPics-117 Natalie2017SrPics-120Natalie2017SrPics-120 Natalie2017SrPics-124Natalie2017SrPics-124 Natalie2017SrPics-128Natalie2017SrPics-128

]]> (Pridmoria) San Diego San Diego Photography San Diego Senior Photography Senior Photography Senior Photos Mon, 27 Mar 2017 22:00:00 GMT
Joy + Jonathan: Married! From the moment I entered the bridal suite until we all waved goodbye to the getaway car, Joy and Jonathan's wedding day absolutely melted my heart.  So many thoughtful family members and friends gave their talents, music, and other skills to pull off some incredibly meaningful DIY touches, and we adored the love that was poured on this beautiful couple all day long!  

Settle in for some seriously beautiful cuteness, you guys.  


JJWeddingblog-30JJWeddingblog-30 JJWeddingblog-31JJWeddingblog-31 JJWeddingblog-32JJWeddingblog-32 JJWeddingblog-33JJWeddingblog-33 JJWeddingblog-34JJWeddingblog-34 JJWeddingblog-36JJWeddingblog-36 JJWeddingblog-37JJWeddingblog-37 JJWeddingblog-38JJWeddingblog-38 JJWeddingblog-39JJWeddingblog-39 JJWeddingblog-40JJWeddingblog-40 JJWeddingblog-41JJWeddingblog-41 JJWeddingblog-42JJWeddingblog-42 JJWeddingblog-43JJWeddingblog-43 JJWeddingblog-44JJWeddingblog-44 JJWeddingblog-45JJWeddingblog-45 JJWeddingblog-46JJWeddingblog-46 JJWeddingblog-35JJWeddingblog-35 JJWeddingblog-47JJWeddingblog-47 JJWeddingblog-48JJWeddingblog-48 JJWeddingblog-49JJWeddingblog-49 JJWeddingblog-50JJWeddingblog-50 JJWeddingblog-51JJWeddingblog-51 JJWeddingblog-52JJWeddingblog-52 JJWeddingblog-53JJWeddingblog-53 JJWeddingblog-54JJWeddingblog-54 JJWeddingblog-55JJWeddingblog-55 JJWeddingblog-56JJWeddingblog-56 JJWeddingblog-57JJWeddingblog-57 JJWeddingblog-58JJWeddingblog-58 JJWeddingblog-59JJWeddingblog-59 JJWeddingblog-60JJWeddingblog-60 JJWeddingblog-61JJWeddingblog-61 JJWeddingblog-62JJWeddingblog-62 JJWeddingblog-63JJWeddingblog-63 JJWeddingblog-64JJWeddingblog-64 JJWeddingblog-65JJWeddingblog-65 JJWeddingblog-66JJWeddingblog-66 JJWeddingblog-67JJWeddingblog-67 JJWeddingblog-69JJWeddingblog-69 JJWeddingblog-70JJWeddingblog-70 JJWeddingblog-71JJWeddingblog-71 JJWeddingblog-72JJWeddingblog-72 JJWeddingblog-73JJWeddingblog-73 JJWeddingblog-74JJWeddingblog-74 JJWeddingblog-75JJWeddingblog-75 JJWeddingblog-76JJWeddingblog-76 JJWeddingblog-77JJWeddingblog-77 JJWeddingblog-78JJWeddingblog-78 JJWeddingblog-79JJWeddingblog-79 JJWeddingblog-80JJWeddingblog-80 JJWeddingblog-81JJWeddingblog-81 JJWeddingblog-82JJWeddingblog-82 JJWeddingblog-83JJWeddingblog-83 JJWeddingblog-94JJWeddingblog-94 JJWeddingblog-95JJWeddingblog-95 JJWeddingblog-96JJWeddingblog-96 JJWeddingblog-97JJWeddingblog-97 JJWeddingblog-98JJWeddingblog-98 JJWeddingblog-99JJWeddingblog-99 JJWeddingblog-100JJWeddingblog-100 JJWeddingblog-101JJWeddingblog-101 JJWeddingblog-102JJWeddingblog-102 JJWeddingblog-103JJWeddingblog-103 JJWeddingblog-104JJWeddingblog-104 JJWeddingblog-105JJWeddingblog-105 JJWeddingblog-106JJWeddingblog-106 JJWeddingblog-107JJWeddingblog-107 JJWeddingblog-108JJWeddingblog-108 JJWeddingblog-109JJWeddingblog-109 JJWeddingblog-110JJWeddingblog-110 JJWeddingblog-111JJWeddingblog-111 JJWeddingblog-112JJWeddingblog-112 JJWeddingblog-113JJWeddingblog-113 JJWeddingblog-114JJWeddingblog-114 JJWeddingblog-115JJWeddingblog-115 JJWeddingblog-116JJWeddingblog-116 JJWeddingblog-117JJWeddingblog-117 JJWeddingblog-118JJWeddingblog-118 JJWeddingblog-119JJWeddingblog-119 JJWeddingblog-120JJWeddingblog-120 JJWeddingblog-121JJWeddingblog-121

JJWeddingblog-84JJWeddingblog-84 JJWeddingblog-85JJWeddingblog-85 JJWeddingblog-86JJWeddingblog-86 JJWeddingblog-87JJWeddingblog-87 JJWeddingblog-88JJWeddingblog-88 JJWeddingblog-89JJWeddingblog-89 JJWeddingblog-90JJWeddingblog-90 JJWeddingblog-91JJWeddingblog-91 JJWeddingblog-92JJWeddingblog-92 JJWeddingblog-93JJWeddingblog-93 JJWeddingblog-122JJWeddingblog-122 JJWeddingblog-123JJWeddingblog-123 JJWeddingblog-124JJWeddingblog-124 JJWeddingblog-125JJWeddingblog-125 JJWeddingblog-126JJWeddingblog-126 JJWeddingblog-127JJWeddingblog-127 JJWeddingblog-128JJWeddingblog-128 JJWeddingblog-129JJWeddingblog-129 JJWeddingblog-130JJWeddingblog-130 JJWeddingblog-132JJWeddingblog-132 JJWeddingblog-133JJWeddingblog-133 JJWeddingblog-134JJWeddingblog-134 JJWeddingblog-135JJWeddingblog-135 JJWeddingblog-136JJWeddingblog-136 JJWeddingblog-137JJWeddingblog-137 JJWeddingblog-138JJWeddingblog-138 JJWeddingblog-139JJWeddingblog-139 JJWeddingblog-140JJWeddingblog-140 JJWeddingblog-141JJWeddingblog-141 JJWeddingblog-142JJWeddingblog-142 JJWeddingblog-143JJWeddingblog-143 JJWeddingblog-144JJWeddingblog-144   JJWeddingblog-146JJWeddingblog-146 JJWeddingblog-147JJWeddingblog-147


Joy and Jono- thank you SO much for having us with you on such an INCREDIBLE day!  We love you guys and wish you lots and lots of laughter and teamwork in the years to come.




Crystal + Bryan

]]> (Pridmoria) DIY Wedding DIY Wedding San Diego Pridmoria San Diego San Diego Photography San Diego Wedding Wedding Sat, 25 Mar 2017 16:17:18 GMT
Jacobs Family A new baby is always an incredible, life altering blessing in the life of a family.  I love coming into the happy chaos with a new little one at the center of it all.  These four sweethearts stole my heart completely, and little brother is surrounded by love!

JacobsNewborn-4JacobsNewborn-4 JacobsNewborn-9JacobsNewborn-9 JacobsNewborn-18JacobsNewborn-18 JacobsNewborn-21JacobsNewborn-21 JacobsNewborn-26JacobsNewborn-26 JacobsNewborn-29JacobsNewborn-29 JacobsNewborn-32JacobsNewborn-32 JacobsNewborn-48JacobsNewborn-48 JacobsNewborn-47JacobsNewborn-47 JacobsNewborn-37JacobsNewborn-37 JacobsNewborn-40JacobsNewborn-40 JacobsNewborn-57JacobsNewborn-57 JacobsNewborn-75JacobsNewborn-75 JacobsNewborn-83JacobsNewborn-83 JacobsNewborn-87JacobsNewborn-87

]]> (Pridmoria) San Diego San Diego Newborn Photography San Diego Photography Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:00:00 GMT
Baby Noemi- 4 weeks new Oh my goodness, there is truly nothing as sweet as a new baby.  Little Noemi was all sugar and spice and everything nice as she let her mommy and daddy snuggle up for some photos.  

ClendeninNewborn-1ClendeninNewborn-1 ClendeninNewborn-6ClendeninNewborn-6 ClendeninNewborn-8ClendeninNewborn-8 ClendeninNewborn-9ClendeninNewborn-9 ClendeninNewborn-45ClendeninNewborn-45 ClendeninNewborn-83ClendeninNewborn-83 ClendeninNewborn-97ClendeninNewborn-97 ClendeninNewborn-95ClendeninNewborn-95 ClendeninNewborn-105ClendeninNewborn-105

]]> (Pridmoria) San Diego San Diego Newborn Photography San Diego Photography Mon, 13 Mar 2017 22:00:00 GMT
Hillman Family I love it when friends who became parents at the same time we did reach out for a photo shoot.  Chance and Parker were born within a few months of each other, and I can't look at this sweet kid without remembering what he looked like, curled up in a rainbow ring sling and snuggled up against his Mommy.  Now he's a big boy, and so full of love and laughs!  We had a great time down at the PB Pier!




HILLMAN2016-2HILLMAN2016-2 HILLMAN2016-8HILLMAN2016-8 HILLMAN2016-35HILLMAN2016-35 HILLMAN2016-36HILLMAN2016-36 HILLMAN2016-53HILLMAN2016-53 HILLMAN2016-44HILLMAN2016-44 HILLMAN2016-92HILLMAN2016-92 HILLMAN2016-96HILLMAN2016-96 HILLMAN2016-95HILLMAN2016-95 HILLMAN2016-77HILLMAN2016-77

]]> (Pridmoria) Pacific Beach Family Photography Pacific Beach Photography San Diego San Diego Photography Mon, 06 Mar 2017 23:00:00 GMT
Schmelzenbach Family Sometimes we busy families need to take a moment to stop and freeze some of the amazing memories we make together daily on camera.  I love these guys, and I've had the chance to watch these sweet boys grow bigger together over the years!  We had a perfect, sunny afternoon for our shoot together.


]]> (Pridmoria) Mission Trails Family Photography San Diego San Diego Family Photography San Diego Photography Mon, 27 Feb 2017 23:00:00 GMT
Towes Family What's black white and red and adorable all over?  THIS family!!!


TOEWS1116-3TOEWS1116-3 TOEWS1116-5TOEWS1116-5 TOEWS1116-26TOEWS1116-26 TOEWS1116-29TOEWS1116-29 TOEWS1116-42TOEWS1116-42 TOEWS1116-58TOEWS1116-58 TOEWS1116-62TOEWS1116-62 TOEWS1116-86TOEWS1116-86 TOEWS1116-89TOEWS1116-89

]]> (Pridmoria) Family Photography Pridmoria San Diego San Diego Photography Mon, 20 Feb 2017 22:45:00 GMT
Frasca Family When the whole family is in town, it's time to call in the pros to document it!  :)   Frasca2016-2Frasca2016-2 Frasca2016-5Frasca2016-5 Frasca2016-23Frasca2016-23 Frasca2016-30Frasca2016-30 Frasca2016-32Frasca2016-32 Frasca2016-37Frasca2016-37

]]> (Pridmoria) Family Photos San Diego Mission Trails Photo Shoot San Diego Family Photography San Diego Photography Mon, 13 Feb 2017 22:45:00 GMT
Hannah and Mark: Married! I peeked out my window the morning of Hannah and Mark's wedding and breathed a prayer of thanks when I saw the bright, happy sun coming above the mountains!  After a cloudy winter, we weren't so sure what to expect that day, but were thrilled that sunlight would be pouring in through the beautiful windows at the church where these two precious people would say their vows. 

Hannah and Mark have the kind of soul mate connection that runs deeply and peacefully, weaving them together tightly.  They look into each other's eyes and understand.  Mark took such sweet care of Hannah throughout their wedding day, making sure she could step carefully over the path to the reception, brushing a stray hair from her forehead, giving her a smile and gentle kiss, taking in the magnitude of the day together.  And it is easy to see that Hannah is crazy for him right back.

Their wedding day was full of beautiful, personal touches.  From the gorgeous engagement ring Mark had custom made (the center stone is Benito, which is also his first name), to Hannah's dress (her grandmother's), to the hand made details in their reception- everything was thoughtful and filled with meaning.



LoWeddingDec172016-2LoWeddingDec172016-2 LoWeddingDec172016-6LoWeddingDec172016-6 LoWeddingDec172016-16LoWeddingDec172016-16 LoWeddingDec172016-40LoWeddingDec172016-40 LoWeddingDec172016-44LoWeddingDec172016-44 LoWeddingDec172016-48LoWeddingDec172016-48 LoWeddingDec172016-52LoWeddingDec172016-52 LoWeddingDec172016-68LoWeddingDec172016-68 LoWeddingDec172016-69LoWeddingDec172016-69 LoWeddingDec172016-72LoWeddingDec172016-72 LoWeddingDec172016-74LoWeddingDec172016-74 LoWeddingDec172016-76LoWeddingDec172016-76 LoWeddingDec172016-82LoWeddingDec172016-82 LoWeddingDec172016-108LoWeddingDec172016-108 LoWeddingDec172016-133LoWeddingDec172016-133 LoWeddingDec172016-139LoWeddingDec172016-139 LoWeddingDec172016-148LoWeddingDec172016-148 LoWeddingDec172016-154LoWeddingDec172016-154 LoWeddingDec172016-182LoWeddingDec172016-182 LoWeddingDec172016-184LoWeddingDec172016-184 LoWeddingDec172016-183LoWeddingDec172016-183 LoWeddingDec172016-187LoWeddingDec172016-187 LoWeddingDec172016-186LoWeddingDec172016-186 LoWeddingDec172016-233LoWeddingDec172016-233 LoWeddingDec172016-235LoWeddingDec172016-235 LoWeddingDec172016-247LoWeddingDec172016-247 LoWeddingDec172016-251LoWeddingDec172016-251 LoWeddingDec172016-249LoWeddingDec172016-249 LoWeddingDec172016-266LoWeddingDec172016-266 LoWeddingDec172016-269LoWeddingDec172016-269 LoWeddingDec172016-305LoWeddingDec172016-305 LoWeddingDec172016-386LoWeddingDec172016-386 LoWeddingDec172016-401LoWeddingDec172016-401 LoWeddingDec172016-403LoWeddingDec172016-403 LoWeddingDec172016-448LoWeddingDec172016-448 LoWeddingDec172016-449LoWeddingDec172016-449

LoWeddingDec172016-598LoWeddingDec172016-598 LoWeddingDec172016-640LoWeddingDec172016-640 LoWeddingDec172016-643LoWeddingDec172016-643 LoWeddingDec172016-651LoWeddingDec172016-651 LoWeddingDec172016-670LoWeddingDec172016-670 LoWeddingDec172016-681LoWeddingDec172016-681 LoWeddingDec172016-688LoWeddingDec172016-688 LoWeddingDec172016-697LoWeddingDec172016-697 LoWeddingDec172016-701LoWeddingDec172016-701 LoWeddingDec172016-577LoWeddingDec172016-577 LoWeddingDec172016-580LoWeddingDec172016-580 LoWeddingDec172016-634LoWeddingDec172016-634 LoWeddingDec172016-730LoWeddingDec172016-730 LoWeddingDec172016-765LoWeddingDec172016-765 LoWeddingDec172016-782LoWeddingDec172016-782 LoWeddingDec172016-797LoWeddingDec172016-797 LoWeddingDec172016-806LoWeddingDec172016-806 LoWeddingDec172016-823LoWeddingDec172016-823 LoWeddingDec172016-826LoWeddingDec172016-826 LoWeddingDec172016-838LoWeddingDec172016-838 LoWeddingDec172016-869LoWeddingDec172016-869 LoWeddingDec172016-1078LoWeddingDec172016-1078

Mark and Hannah, what an incredible honor to be with you on your wedding day.  We love you and are so happy for you both!  Marriage looks amazing on you!!!

]]> (Pridmoria) Pridmoria San Diego San Diego Photography San Diego Wedding San Diego Wedding Photography Wedding Mon, 06 Feb 2017 22:30:00 GMT
Baby Woods- 4 weeks new There is such an incredible intimacy and purity to the first weeks a newborn comes home with their family.  To be invited into this space and photograph it is one of the greatest privileges I treasure as a family photographer, and it's especially beautiful when it is for a friend.  This is baby Woodland, and let me tell you guys-  he is one lucky kid.  Not only are his mommy and daddy already nuts about him, but he was born into one of the most artistic, creative homes on the planet.  Daddy plays for bluegrass bands, strumming away on his many, many instruments, and mommy is an art teacher.  He will have no lack of beautiful things to look at and explore, and beautiful music to listen to as he grows up...

And he's going to grow up to be AWESOME.

Actually, he already it :)




BabyWoods-16BabyWoods-16 BabyWoods-19BabyWoods-19 BabyWoods-20BabyWoods-20 BabyWoods-21BabyWoods-21 BabyWoods-59BabyWoods-59 BabyWoods-84BabyWoods-84 BabyWoods-123BabyWoods-123 BabyWoods-126BabyWoods-126 BabyWoods-133BabyWoods-133

]]> (Pridmoria) Newborn Photos San Diego San Diego Newborn Photography San Diego Photography Mon, 30 Jan 2017 22:30:00 GMT
Joy and Jonathan: Engaged! Joy and Jonathan were practically skipping up the path at Mission Trails Park when I met up with them for their engagement session.  After months apart- separated for work- their happiness at being together was palpable.  Immediately, I felt like the sun came out when I gave them a hug hello.  These guys radiate warmth and love for each other.


JJEngaged-4JJEngaged-4 JJEngaged-8JJEngaged-8 JJEngaged-10JJEngaged-10 JJEngaged-11JJEngaged-11 JJEngaged-14JJEngaged-14 JJEngaged-17JJEngaged-17 JJEngaged-21JJEngaged-21 JJEngaged-20JJEngaged-20 JJEngaged-27JJEngaged-27 JJEngaged-30JJEngaged-30 JJEngaged-37JJEngaged-37 JJEngaged-41JJEngaged-41 JJEngaged-49JJEngaged-49 JJEngaged-47JJEngaged-47 JJEngaged-56JJEngaged-56 JJEngaged-58JJEngaged-58 JJEngaged-62JJEngaged-62 JJEngaged-74JJEngaged-74 JJEngaged-73JJEngaged-73 JJEngaged-81JJEngaged-81 JJEngaged-78JJEngaged-78

Joy and Jonathan, you two are beautiful inside out.  I cannot wait to tell your wedding story, and I'm so excited for your future together!  I'll see you soon!




]]> (Pridmoria) Mission Trails Park Mission Trails Park Engagement Session San Diego San Diego Engagement San Diego Engagement Photography San Diego Engagement Session San Diego Photography pridmoria Mon, 23 Jan 2017 21:30:00 GMT
Cider Celebration 2016  

Cider Cel small color poster _finalCider Cel small color poster _final


Please click the "Buy It Now" button to submit an order for a DVD of the "Cider Celebration" performance on December 3, 2016.


Sponsored by Point Loma Nazarene University and the Music Department!

Orders will ship within 7 days!

What a wonderful GIFT! 




DVD + Shipping





]]> (Pridmoria) celebration christmas cider plnu show Tue, 22 Nov 2016 01:25:52 GMT Justin + Natalya: Married! Part 1 {Click here to jump to the ceremony video}


"In 2 more hours, I'll have a husband!"

Natalya was so excited when I walked into the bridal suite, the girls milling around in their adorable matching robes, the makeup artists working their magic with lashes and lipstick in the background.  Floating above it all in a serene cloud of excited calmness, Natalya smiled and hummed to herself as she arranged her jewelry and perfume, ready to slip into her gorgeous dress and walk towards Justin.

Justin is her college sweetheart.  Natalya is his first love.  Together, they're the type of couple that makes for a perfect romance- the kind you dream of having.  They care so much for each other, and it's obvious in the way they hold hands, smile into each other's eyes, and speak so certainly and tenderly of a future melded together.

Justin and Natalya had a dreamy wedding with a traditional ceremony at the historic Mission San Diego.  Natalya was both confirmed and celebrated her first communion at the mission, so it was the obvious choice for her wedding.  And what a beautiful backdrop it provided for the ceremony!


Bryan had the honor of videoing the wedding ceremony.  Here it is- we hope you enjoy it!

There is SO MUCH more to come tomorrow on the blog!  Check back for a peek at their gorgeous San Diego elegant casual reception at Bali Hai restaurant on Shelter Island!


]]> (Pridmoria) Mission San Diego Mission San Diego Wedding Pridmoria San Diego San Diego Photography San Diego Wedding Wedding Sat, 19 Nov 2016 18:31:53 GMT
VIDEO - Amir + Stephanie Engagement Story - Nov 4, 2016 Wedding Message I met with Amir months ago through my friends at Clove and Kin. Amir came to me asking to make a special video that he was going to show his fiancee the day of their wedding. Amir is one of the most sincere and sweetest guys you can meet so I was very excited about helping him put this together. On top of the romantic gesture of creating a surprise video for his bride, he was going to reveal that the engagement months ago was secretly photographed as well. 

Amir and Stephanie were married November 4, 2016 and the video was a smooth success. 

I love working with creative, sweet, and caring people. Many times, I'm blessed with the opportunity to play a part in someone else's master plan. This was a fun project for me and now that the wedding date has passed, I am privileged to share this with friends and family.



]]> (Pridmoria) Sat, 12 Nov 2016 21:07:38 GMT
Rachel and Gavin: Married! Rachel has the incredible ability to find humor in just about anything.  She is laughter personified, and she draws people to her like a magnet wherever she goes.  Her smile dazzles, and she radiates love.

Gavin loves to laugh almost as much as Rachel loves to make people laugh.  His ready smile, his spirit of helpfulness, and his encyclopedic knowledge of history and random facts are the perfect complement for Rachel's personality.  

On the morning of their wedding, these two exuded calm and joy.  They were ready- ready to start their shared lives, ready to join up and tell the world that they are a family now, ready to make memories.

And because we have the best jobs in the world, we were there snapping away, capturing every moment!

Rachel and Gavin had a special first look at Lake Poway, then enjoyed a gorgeous wedding at Old Poway Park.  I love this venue- the old timey feel, the railroad tracks, the trees that filter golden sunlight juuuuuust perfectly!!!  Enjoy the photos of these two sweethearts and their perfect beginning.


RGBlogWedding-3RGBlogWedding-3 RGBlogWedding-4RGBlogWedding-4 RGBlogWedding-5RGBlogWedding-5 RGBlogWedding-10RGBlogWedding-10 RGBlogWedding-6RGBlogWedding-6 RGBlogWedding-7RGBlogWedding-7 RGBlogWedding-8RGBlogWedding-8 RGBlogWedding-11RGBlogWedding-11 RGBlogWedding-12RGBlogWedding-12 RGBlogWedding-13RGBlogWedding-13 RGBlogWedding-14RGBlogWedding-14 RGBlogWedding-15RGBlogWedding-15 RGBlogWedding-16RGBlogWedding-16 RGBlogWedding-17RGBlogWedding-17 RGBlogWedding-18RGBlogWedding-18 RGBlogWedding-19RGBlogWedding-19 RGBlogWedding-20RGBlogWedding-20 RGBlogWedding-21RGBlogWedding-21 RGBlogWedding-22RGBlogWedding-22 RGBlogWedding-23RGBlogWedding-23 RGBlogWedding-24RGBlogWedding-24 RGBlogWedding-25RGBlogWedding-25 RGBlogWedding-26RGBlogWedding-26 RGBlogWedding-27RGBlogWedding-27 RGBlogWedding-28RGBlogWedding-28 RGBlogWedding-29RGBlogWedding-29 RGBlogWedding-94RGBlogWedding-94 RGBlogWedding-32RGBlogWedding-32 RGBlogWedding-34RGBlogWedding-34 RGBlogWedding-32RGBlogWedding-32 RGBlogWedding-96RGBlogWedding-96 RGBlogWedding-97RGBlogWedding-97 RGBlogWedding-33RGBlogWedding-33 RGBlogWedding-34RGBlogWedding-34 RGBlogWedding-35RGBlogWedding-35 RGBlogWedding-36RGBlogWedding-36 RGBlogWedding-37RGBlogWedding-37 RGBlogWedding-38RGBlogWedding-38 RGBlogWedding-39RGBlogWedding-39 RGBlogWedding-40RGBlogWedding-40 RGBlogWedding-41RGBlogWedding-41 RGBlogWedding-42RGBlogWedding-42 RGBlogWedding-2RGBlogWedding-2 RGBlogWedding-43RGBlogWedding-43 RGBlogWedding-44RGBlogWedding-44 RGBlogWedding-45RGBlogWedding-45 RGBlogWedding-46RGBlogWedding-46 RGBlogWedding-47RGBlogWedding-47 RGBlogWedding-48RGBlogWedding-48 RGBlogWedding-49RGBlogWedding-49 RGBlogWedding-50RGBlogWedding-50 RGBlogWedding-51RGBlogWedding-51 RGBlogWedding-52RGBlogWedding-52 RGBlogWedding-100RGBlogWedding-100 RGBlogWedding-53RGBlogWedding-53 RGBlogWedding-54RGBlogWedding-54 RGBlogWedding-55RGBlogWedding-55 RGBlogWedding-56RGBlogWedding-56 RGBlogWedding-57RGBlogWedding-57 RGBlogWedding-58RGBlogWedding-58 RGBlogWedding-59RGBlogWedding-59 RGBlogWedding-60RGBlogWedding-60 RGBlogWedding-99RGBlogWedding-99 RGBlogWedding-61RGBlogWedding-61 RGBlogWedding-63RGBlogWedding-63 RGBlogWedding-64RGBlogWedding-64 RGBlogWedding-65RGBlogWedding-65 RGBlogWedding-66RGBlogWedding-66 RGBlogWedding-67RGBlogWedding-67 RGBlogWedding-101RGBlogWedding-101 RGBlogWedding-62RGBlogWedding-62 RGBlogWedding-68RGBlogWedding-68 RGBlogWedding-111RGBlogWedding-111 RGBlogWedding-112RGBlogWedding-112 RGBlogWedding-113RGBlogWedding-113 RGBlogWedding-114RGBlogWedding-114 RGBlogWedding-106RGBlogWedding-106 RGBlogWedding-69RGBlogWedding-69 RGBlogWedding-70RGBlogWedding-70 RGBlogWedding-115RGBlogWedding-115 RGBlogWedding-1RGBlogWedding-1 RGBlogWedding-103RGBlogWedding-103 RGBlogWedding-71RGBlogWedding-71 RGBlogWedding-102RGBlogWedding-102 RGBlogWedding-72RGBlogWedding-72 RGBlogWedding-73RGBlogWedding-73 RGBlogWedding-74RGBlogWedding-74 RGBlogWedding-75RGBlogWedding-75 RGBlogWedding-76RGBlogWedding-76 RGBlogWedding-77RGBlogWedding-77 RGBlogWedding-78RGBlogWedding-78 RGBlogWedding-79RGBlogWedding-79 RGBlogWedding-107RGBlogWedding-107 RGBlogWedding-80RGBlogWedding-80 RGBlogWedding-81RGBlogWedding-81 RGBlogWedding-82RGBlogWedding-82 RGBlogWedding-108RGBlogWedding-108 RGBlogWedding-109RGBlogWedding-109 RGBlogWedding-83RGBlogWedding-83 RGBlogWedding-110RGBlogWedding-110 RGBlogWedding-84RGBlogWedding-84 RGBlogWedding-85RGBlogWedding-85 RGBlogWedding-86RGBlogWedding-86 RGBlogWedding-92RGBlogWedding-92 RGBlogWedding-87RGBlogWedding-87 RGBlogWedding-91RGBlogWedding-91 RGBlogWedding-88RGBlogWedding-88 RGBlogWedding-89RGBlogWedding-89 RGBlogWedding-90RGBlogWedding-90


Rachel and Gavin- gosh, we love you guys!  We are cheering for you and praying for you as you start this journey together!  We wish you all the love, laughter, and joy in the world.  




Crystal and Bryan

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Kevin & Robin- Married! {Video} They could not have picked a more beautiful San Diego day to say their vows.  As Kevin and Robin promised to love and take care of each other for the rest of their lives, their friends and family were washed in the golden summer sunset.  Even more perfect than the light, however, was the way everyone was wrapped in love on this very intimate wedding day.  Kevin and Robin know how to love well, and are very much loved in return.  This day was a spectacular celebration- joyful, emotional, beautiful in every way.

Kevin and Robin, thank you so much for letting us come alongside you at your wedding.  We love you guys and are so excited to hear about your adventures as your family continues to grow!


Baker Cover-1Baker Cover-1



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Hannah and Mark: Engaged Hannah and Mark are the perfect, cozy friends.  Their love is so easy, and so incredibly apparent in the way they look at each other.  Their warmth makes it impossible to do anything but adore them!  We had so much fun bumming around Balboa Park, checking out the gorgeous architecture and colors.  

We had a perfect afternoon with gorgeous, golden sunlight for our engagement session.  I'm excited to share the photos with you!



Hannah and Mark, you guys are absolutely made for each other.  We can't wait for your wedding day!!!!




Bryan and Crystal

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Smith Sisters

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