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May 16, 2012  •  1 Comment

It all started with Food Inc.  We watched that documentary, and our worlds were rocked.  We'd always made an effort to eat "healthy," but healthy usually translated as a little salad on the plate of BBQ we were having for dinner.  We got our 5 a day, but not much more.  After that movie, we started doing more reading and researching.  We went on a juice fast, we even went a little crazy and did a raw foods diet for a few months- and we were so healthy and energetic the whole time!  We learned about organic vs. conventional produce.  Now, the dust has settled from our tornado of health education, but a few of those major changes have stuck.  We still drink a tall glass of fresh carrot juice every morning, our breakfast is a giant green smoothie, and we subscribed to Abundant Harvest Organics (ahorganics.com).

I love my box of fresh farm produce, and I talk about it a lot.  People ask me often what comes in the box, and how much it costs, so I thought I'd do a blog entry with some pics so you can all see it.

It's seriously like Christmas comes once a week when I go with Parker to pick up our box of veg on Wednesdays!


This week's fare looked particularly enticing. I unpacked our box and let Parker party with the contents!


Parker was happy to be my produce model!  And don't worry, Mom, I hosed him down good after our shoot.  He thought it was great fun to bury is hands in the stone fruits!

We get the small box subscription for $22.80 per week, and they PACK our box full.  This week, we got the start of a salad:


Some delicious looking cherries


Apricots (Parker loves these all whipped up for him.  He smacks his little lips and gives me apricot grins!)




And here's the box shot, so you get an idea of how much comes in our crates:












Swiss Chard and a fragrant bunch of basil leaves.












Strawberries and green garlic!













We have been subscribers for nearly a year now, and it has been awesome to support our CSA.  They are a group of family farmers.  Every week in our box, we get a newsletter telling us who grew our fruits and veggies, keeping us updated on the farm goings-on, and giving recipe suggestions.  The variety has been awesome, and we've had to google more than a couple box additions to figure out what the heck it is and how to cook it!  There are add ons you can order (extra fruits and veggies, grass fed meats, raw milk, cream and cheese, etc), and drop off locations pretty much all over California.  

And if you sign up, then you can help me figure out how to cook everything!  Several of us swap recipes and links via Facebook.

Oh, and one more thing.  After I put up a status update saying we'd signed up for this amazing box of magic, one of our brides wrote me to say that Uncle Vern (who owns the company and writes the newsletters) is HER uncle!  And we were totally on his farm when we shot her beautiful wedding in 2010!


How do you like that?  So there you have it- the Pridmore's

like to eat healthy!  

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  :)

love bunches,




And one more pic of Gail and Mark, just because they're adorable!  >


Hi Crystal!

I found the link to this from AHO's FB page. Lovely pictures! I can't believe how old your sweet little boy is now! It seems like it was just last week that I looked at his newborn pictures on your blog. I am happy you are still enjoying AHO. This week's box was amazing!

I post lots of AHO inspired recipes and meal plans on my blog. I put 3 new things up in the last two weeks. If you take a look I hope you find something you like. I made homemade pesto tonight with the basil and some kale I bought as an add-on and it was amazing!

Thanks again for posting these pics! I will definitely send out a link to this post next time I am sending out info about AHO to people.
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