Our Story: Part 2

January 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This is the second installment of our love story.  Click HERE to read part one.


I was walking back to my dorm late on a Sunday night, feeling like a million freaking bucks.  I had just performed with my all girl vocal jazz group, and was reveling in the post performance high.  Plus, I looked super cute.  My hair was curly, my makeup was perfect, and my brand new hot pink sweetheart neck shirt hugged me in all the right places.  I couldn’t help the little sashay that happened when I felt my skirt swish around my knees. 


I rounded the corner to my building and walked across the parking lot.  I heard a car pull in to the driveway just behind me…. And someone catcalled me.


Catcalled me.


My first thought was, “What the…,” but I understood the second I turned around and saw John hanging out of the passenger side window of a car.


The Thursday before, we had just had a super SUPER awkward… uh, date, I think?  I don’t play games.  I’m a grab-the-bull-by-the-horns kind of girl, and I was kind of tired of him popping up all over to ask me to do things with him alone, but never actually revealing intentions.  So when he asked me to sit with him at a baseball game, I did.  Then turned and said, “So I need to go to the mall.  Why don’t you come with me, and we can have dinner after.  What do you say?  Make it a date?”  I’m pretty sure he turned a color of red I’d never seen on a human, and he agreed.  I could tell it caught him off guard.  He showed up looking really nice, we make extremely halting conversation on the bus to the mall, we matter of factly bought our items, and we shared a pekking duck pizza at California Pizza Kitchen.  Followed by another bus ride of halting conversation back to campus.  It was pretty apparent for both of us that it was not a good fit, so I figured that was that….


And then he catcalled me.


But hey, I felt cute, and it’s nice to be appreciated once in awhile, so I skipped over to say hi. 


“How’s it going?”  I asked.


“Great!  Just getting back from church.  You remember Bryan right?”


Then, I saw that adorable smile pop out from behind John’s head.  “Hey,” said Bryan shyly.


After that, poor John was all but forgotten as I was completely focused on Bryan. We talked for a bit, and I explained that I was just coming home from a concert.  I asked him what he had coming up that week.  Bryan mentioned that he had to go to an art gallery for a class.


“Oh!  I LOVE art!” I said with the flirtiest smile I could conjure.


“Oh… well, why don’t you come with me?”  Good man, he got the hint.  I did an inner fist pump.


We exchanged numbers, and I waved as they pulled out.  I’d  been out with a few guys at Loma, but this felt so different.  Friday was just not coming fast enough!


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