Ashley & Joey: Married! Part 1

July 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When I walked into the bridal suite to find Ashley as the San Diego sun shone perfectly on this clear, gorgeous summer day, I nearly ran right into a pack of adorable bridesmaids, busy finishing some final touches on the florals.  They were working magic on those flowers, and their spirits of joyful service were so perfectly in tune with Ashley and Joey themselves.  That's what we love about these two- they love to give.  They are both so concerned about their loved ones, so willing to invite people into their lives, that their loved ones can't help but reflect that right back!  When I turned the corner, there was my calm as a San Diego summer day bride, smiling as her curls were pinned back.  

Joy.  These guys just radiate it.

We absolutely love these guys, and love every inch of their bright, cheery, Kate Spade inspired, masterfully DIY'd wedding.  We know you'll love it, too!




So, so, so much more beauty ready to hit the blog tomorrow!  Stay tuned!





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