Baby Woods- 4 weeks new

January 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There is such an incredible intimacy and purity to the first weeks a newborn comes home with their family.  To be invited into this space and photograph it is one of the greatest privileges I treasure as a family photographer, and it's especially beautiful when it is for a friend.  This is baby Woodland, and let me tell you guys-  he is one lucky kid.  Not only are his mommy and daddy already nuts about him, but he was born into one of the most artistic, creative homes on the planet.  Daddy plays for bluegrass bands, strumming away on his many, many instruments, and mommy is an art teacher.  He will have no lack of beautiful things to look at and explore, and beautiful music to listen to as he grows up...

And he's going to grow up to be AWESOME.

Actually, he already it :)




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